A groundbreaking leader in the promotion and coverage of

high school and youth sports


About VYPE Media

Young athletes and their families are a key target demographic for major consumer brands, but up until now there has not been a cost-effective way to reach them at a local level. On top of that, schools continue to struggle with limited athletic budgets despite the strong correlation between sports and overall student performance.

VYPE Media changes all of that. Based in Houston, Texas, VYPE Media provides broad-based coverage of high school sports and individual teams using a mix of crowdsourcing and interactive technology. With VYPE, big brands gain access to a low-cost, high-value marketing channel while schools get a powerful advocate for their sports programs.


Media Inquires

VYPE is dedicated to developing players, marketing schools and teams, and connecting fans and brands with their local communities. Our core offerings include:

PUBLISHING quality, in-depth sports coverage with exclusive content and statistics across our website, mobile app, and magazine

FILMING AND BROADCASTING live events, and producing film footage, highlights, and podcasts

EVENTS creating hype and showcasing athletes

PROMOTING AND BRANDING schools, teams and athletes to create opportunities

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM giving students unique opportunities to gain experience in journalism, photography and videography

VYPE's successes so far have largely centered around the Houston area, but with a proven foundation we are looking to expand further across Texas and eventually the rest of the country.